According to Abdi Aden an official at the Somalia Civil Aviation the government is to receive a revenue least $50M after it takes over the airspace.

Meanwhile ICAO will continue to receive the revenue on behalf of the Somali government until the complete handover.

A new flight information and operation center was on Thursday opened by President Mohamed Abdullah Farmaajo that will usher in a complete take over of the airspace from the UN agency ICAO by the government in a few weeks.

The opening ceremony was conducted at a colourful event at the Aden Abdulleh International Airport in Mogadishu.

The new new flight info center will be Self-funded by air navigation service charges collected on behalf of Somalia by the UN.

Within weeks the centre will take over managing airspace and provision of air navigation services from UN agency ICAO.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation has controlled Somalia airspace from Nairobi, Kenya since 1992 a year after the country fell into a civil war.