Sudan, Djibouti extend support to Ethiopia’s position towards Algiers Agreement

Sudan and Djibouti have expressed their strong support to the government of Ethiopia in its recent commitment to fully accept and implement the decision of the Ethio-Eritrean Boundary Commission (EEBC).

In their talks with Ethiopian ambassadors in their respective countries Foreign Ministers of Sudan and Djibouti stated that Ethiopia’s role towards ensuring peace and stability to the Horn of Africa is monumental.

During the discussion with Ambassador Mulugeta Zewde, Sudan’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Ahmed Dirdiri noted the importance of forging relation as exemplary as Ethio-Sudan and affirmed his government’s support to Ethiopia’s bold decision.

Similarly, Ethiopian Ambassador to Djibouti Shamebo Fitamo briefed Djibouti’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mohammed Ali Yusuf on Ethiopia’s greater determination to bring about lasting peace with the Government of Eritrea.

Ambassador Shamebo also described the decision by the Executive Committee of EPRDF to partially or fully liberalize mega projects and public enterprises as a giant leap forward to further strengthen the economic development in the country as well as encourage the country’s foreign trade performance.

While re-affirming his Government’s full support, Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali Yusuf said the Committee’s decision aimed at ending the stalemate and rejuvenating the uniquely historical brotherly ties between Ethiopia and Eritrea is quite noteworthy.

The Minister also noted Ethiopia’s economic reform would add further impetus to the ever growing Ethio-Djibouti economic cooperation as well as people to people ties.

Source: MoFA